Error Reference

Handling Errors

Stack Traces

Because WalkScore produces exceptions which inherit from the standard library, it leverages the same API for handling stack trace information. This means that it will be handled just like a normal exception in unit test frameworks, logging solutions, and other tools that might need that information.

WalkScore Errors

WalkScoreError (from ValueError)

class WalkScoreError[source]

Base error raised by WalkScore. Inherits from ValueError.

AuthenticationError (from WalkScoreError)

class AuthenticationError[source]

Error raised when attempting to retrieve a score with an invalid API key.

InternalAPIError (from WalkScoreError)

class InternalAPIError[source]

Internal error within the WalkScore API itself. Inherits from WalkScoreError.

BlockedIPError (from WalkScoreError)

class BlockedIPError[source]

Error raised when attempting to retrieve a score from a blocked IP address.

QuotaError (from WalkScoreError)

class QuotaError[source]

Error raised when you have exceeded your daily quota.

ScoreInProgressError (from WalkScoreError)

class ScoreInProgressError[source]

Error raised when a score for the location supplied is being calculated and is not yet available.

InvalidCoordinatesError (from WalkScoreError)

class InvalidCoordinatesError[source]

Error raised when the coordinates supplied for a location are invlaid.

BindingError (from WalkScoreError)

class BindingError[source]

Error produced when the WalkScore Library has an incorrect API binding.

HTTPConnectionError (from WalkScoreError)

class HTTPConnectionError[source]

Error produced when the WalkScore Library is unable to connect to the API, but did not time out.

HTTPTimeoutError (from HTTPConnectionError)

class HTTPTimeoutError[source]

Error produced when the API times out or returns a Status Code: 504.

This error indicates that the underlying API timed out and did not return a result.

SSLError (from WalkScoreError)

class SSLError[source]

Error produced when an SSL certificate cannot be verified, returns a Status Code: 495.